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Subcontractor Scan Questionnaire

Subcontractor Scan Questionnaire General Safety, Health and Workplace Conditions 1 Are overall conditions of the workplace and the production facility safe for workers and do not harm their health and life? 2 Are electric connections, wires and fuse boxes protected and properly attached to prevent fire and electrocution? 3 Is …

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Preservation Process for Delivery Products To The Customer

Preservation Process for Delivery Products PURPOSE: To ensure preservation of products during internal processing and delivery to the customer destination.  Full details of the audit methodology and the way in which the findings are reported are available publicly The audit will involve an assessment of your production site including any accommodation provided …

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Sketch, Fabrics, Accessories & Packing Materials Procedure

Sketch, Fabrics, Accessories PURPOSE: To ensure identification, verification, protection and safeguard of customer property provided for use or incorporation into product.  As an additional support for good auditor conduct during an audit, auditors/audit companies are making available their own code of conduct for auditors, which describes the need for impartiality on …

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Production Control and Service Provision

Production Control and Service Provision PURPOSE: To ensure the production processes are carried out under controlled conditions. -, SCOPE: This procedure applies to production of AUTO  Camp Ltd. RESPONSIBILITY: Production Manager, Manager Quality Control, Quality In-charge, Maintenance Manager, MCD Manager and Merchandiser are responsible to follow this master procedure. PROCEDURE: …

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