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Download Letter of Transmittal Sample for Textile Factory

Letter of Transmittal Sample

Download Letter of Transmittal 


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Letter of Transmittal


July 7, 2001


Md. Mashiur Hosaain

Associate Professor

Institute of Business Administration


Dear Sir:


Here is the report on the “Management Problems & Potentials-A Study on the Textile Sector in Bangladesh”. The report is presented with a primary objective of fulfilling the partial requirement for the course on Principles of Management.

In this report you will see the total structure of textile industry in Bangladesh and the management problems and potentials prevailing in this sector. While analyzing the structure of the textile industry of Bangladesh, first we have tried to cover three main sub sectors of the industry. Then we have discussed the management problems prevailing in the textile industry. We are confident that this logical order will aid to judge the management problems and potentials prevailing in the Bangladesh Textile Industry.

We are grateful to you for letting us know this sector’s pros & cons. Not only has this endeavor made us know the management style in the textile sector in Bangladesh well, but also has given us the insight about the much talked-about “Backward Linkage” issue.

We experienced the spirit of teamwork throughout the process of this collaborative writing. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.



Mashiur Rahman                                       MdMondol                    Nazul Uddin Ahmed

Hasan- Mehrab                                   Bakar Momin

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